El Salsero Photo

Frankie "El Salsero" Navarro

Congas,Timbales, Bongos
Cowbells & Clave.

(415) 585-9415
Would you like to learn new original patterns and how to play "tasty" Latin rhythms?

All ages & playing levels welcome!
  • Learn how to read music.
  • Enhance performance skills
  • Develop hand & stick control.
  • Broaden soloing spectrum.
  • Custom percussion & drum
    repair available.
  • Breathing & relaxation.
  • Tone development.
  • Play w/speed & precision.
  • Increase muscle endurance.
  • Video Taping available at an
    extra cost.
Frankie "El Salsero" is a musical arranger, composer, producer and performing artist that plays the bass, sax, keyboards, & all "Salsa" ensemble percussion. He has written jingles for United Airlines (SFO Visitors), Leukemia Marathon, & has performed on Dole, Grand Auto, and Naranka commercials. Frankie is an endorser and "signature series artist" visit website, www.dharveypercussion.com.

$65 per hour

(4 hour lesson package $250 plus Free 30 minute lesson!)