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Crush Kick® was founded by Frank Navarro in 1996 along
with Co-founders, Professor Carlos Navarro and Master Rubie Navarro.

We provide certification and fitness programs, musical entertainment, music downloads,
DJ services, (MMA) mixed martial arts and boxing event co-productions:

Crush Kick® (Cardio Kickboxing) - Ground Tactics (Tube Resistance Training)
Salsagua (Aqua Training) - 2 ZMOOTH - (Music Duo)
Mobile DJ Service (DJ "Raz Rican", DJ "Tongan Kid" & DJ "El Salsero")
Boxing Ring Rentals - (MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and commercial productions).

Sifu/Kru Frank Navarro

Frank-SFPD Reserve

Five Time Martial Arts "Ring Champion"
Born and raised in San Francisco

At 8 years old, Frank began studying Dance, Martial Arts & Music. His father, Professor
Carlos Navarro was Frank's first Martial Arts instructor, his mother Elba Navarro, a vocalist,
was his dancing enthusiast, and "Abuela", the late Ramoncita, known as "El Ciclon de San
Francisco" was an outstanding singer/entertainer who definitely inspired Frank's musical

At the tender age of 9, Frank and his sister, Rubie, won several Talent Shows with folklore
dancing. Throughout his teen-hood, Frank won several Martial Art Championships in
various cities. Simultaneously, he established himself as an "up-n-coming" musician and
was the leader of a "SALSA" band named "SANGRE NUEVA" at 19 years old!

In the midst of developing his skills, Frank became a master "break dancer"! He organized
and led a group called "The Floor Survivors". They won several competitions throughout
the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eventually, Frank attained a black-belt in Kenpo Karate. Currently, he is a 4th Degree
Black Belt and has studied the following styles: Wu-Shu, Northern Silum, Judo, and
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Frank plays the following instruments aside from "Rappin" &
background vocals: Saxophone, Bass, Keyboards, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Clave,
Bells, & Maracas.

As Frank maintained his industriousness; he became attracted to the motion-picture and
musical recording industries. Having no confined barriers, he has accomplished alot in
a short amount of time from fighting choreographer, actor, recording artist to even
applying make-up. Frank has played on "jingles" produced by (e.g.) "Dole Pineapple",
"Chevron", and "Naranka." He has appeared in "The Last Adventure" & "Ninja Busters"
as an actor and fighting choreographer. Frank starred in motion pictures "Flask" &
"Weapon of Choice". He produced, music video "Baila Music" and CD/Record album
"El Salsero" distributed by Pandisc Records. He also worked with America's new Martial
Arts sensation, Jackie Chan, in a motion picture named "The Protector."

Frank was awarded a "Certificate of Honor" by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
because he created encouragement and leadership for young upcoming Hispanics in his
community. In recognition for his contributions to the Hispanic community, he was
presented a "Certificate of Appreciation" by Mayor Art Agnos.

Frank's body motions have been captured by Midway Games (ATARI) for the arcade
game called "10th Degree". Frank choreographed all movements for "Toa," a Samoan
Shoot fighter.

Frank is the creator of "Crush Kick", "Ground Tactics" & "Salsagua", classes
designed for group exercise. He and "Crush Kick" are recognized as a C.E.C.
provider through A.C.E. and A.F.A.A. Presently, Frank teaches at several elite
health clubs and at his homebase, Navarro's Martial Arts Academy in San
Francisco. He is a FITOUR® presenter and also provides education internationally.



Convencion Nacional de Aerobicos (Quito, Ecuador)
IDEA 2001 (San Francisco)
Aerobic Pipeline (California)
Body Revival 2000 & 2001 (Pleasanton)
Cardio Classic 2000 (San Francisco)
FITOUR® "Summer of 1999" (25 States)


Group Exercise Instructor (AFAA)
Group Exercise Instructor (Exercise Science Alliance)
Pilates Corefit Instructor (Exercise Science Alliance)
Personal Trainer (24 Hour Fitness)
Power Pacing Instructor (Keiser®)
Boxing Coach (U.S.A. Boxing)
Muay Thai Instructor (World Muay Thai Assoc)
CPR & First Aid (S.F.C.C.)
Kenpo Karate Instructor (Navarro's Martial Arts Academy)
(4th Degree Black Belt)
Athletic Inspector for the State of California


"Crush Kick"® Cardio Kickboxing / CEC Provider (ACE & AFAA)

(Produced and/or Starred)

"Ground Tactics®" "Crush Kick® Y2K" "Crush Kick Freestyle"
"Crush Kick Basics" "Crush Kick Combos"

(Music for exercise written, arranged and/or produced by Frank Navarro)

"Double Threat" "Drums n Bass" "In High Gear"


Kickbox Fitness by American Council On Exercise

(credit on "Reviewers" page)
Ground Tactics Instructor Manual (20 pages)
Crush Kick Instructor Certification Manual (35 pages)
Crush Kick Intermediate Manual (22 pages)


Lowell High School Graduate
San Francisco State University (Music Major) 2 years
San Francisco City College (Kinisiology) 2 years

Professor Carlos Navarro

Professor in a Tux

The Martial Arts experiences have become a way of life for Professor Carlos Navarro.
Being an entrepreneur Professor Navarro, is a graduate from the University of San
Francisco, with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree
in Public Administration. He is bi-cultural and bi-lingual in Spanish and English.
Professor Navarro holds a 10th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, and he is a
Muay Thai/Kickboxing Instructor, founder of the Navarro's Progressive Kenpo Karate
System and co-founder of "Crush Kick®." He teaches cardio kickboxing classes at
fitness clubs in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Professor Navarro is also a marathon
runner. His dedication and self participation in promoting Martial Arts competitions
have given him international recognition. Professor Navarro is a recipient of numerous
Martial Arts Awards and Commendations, which honor him as a competitor, judge,
arbitrator, and tournament promoter. He is an undefeated Grand Champion of many
Martial Arts Competitions. Still active in his competitions, Professor Navarro "gives"
as well as attends seminars.

In 1994, Professor Navarro is the pioneer to introduce Muay Thai and Kickboxing
for the first time in any Open Martial Arts Tournament. He was the first to introduce
Kenpo Karate and Muay Thai to his native country, El Salvador, Central America.
Presently, Professor Navarro is the owner and head instructor of Navarro's Martial
Arts Academy, 3470 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110(415)550-1694.

Professor Carlos Navarro is a Hall of Fame recipient in the following: Affiliated
Martial Arts Promoters Association (A.M.A.P.A.), The Federation of Latin American
Kenpo Karate, The Advisory Council of International Martial Arts Federation, and
Civic Involvement, his biography was selected to appear in well renown books (e.g.
) "Who's Who in Finance and Industry", "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who
in the World", and "Who's Who in Karate."

In the motion picture and theatrical field, his credits over the years range in the
following: Executive Producer, Line Producer, Producer, Script Consultant, Casting
Director, Location Scout, and Fight Choreographer. Aside from behind the camera,
Professor has landed supportive roles in motion pictures and has modeled as well.
And due to his popularity, he has served as a judge in many beauty pageants.

Professor Navarro dedicates much of his time to volunteer his experience to administer
special programs that help prevent the use of drugs, alcohol, and violent gang activities
among the youth. He has trained members of the Guardian Angels. In 1976, Professor
Navarro was in charge of the Police Minority Recruitment candidate's physical training
program, and because of his sincere efforts and dedication, many of these candidates
have joined the ranks in the San Francisco Police Department. He serves as a board
member in different capacities of non-profit organizations, providing social services to
the underprivileged communities.

His endeavors have been recognized by President Carter
with a personal invitation to his Presidential Inaguration.

Master Rubie Navarro

Ruby and her Sais

Rubie was born in San Francisco, California. She stems from a performing arts family.

Her mother and grandmother are well known vocalists. Her father is a highly respected
Professor in Kenpo Karate.

Rubie graduated from Washington High School, in San Francisco, which was one of

the highest rated academic high schools in California. She attended San Francisco State
University for 4 years, as a Physical Education Major.

Rubie, began training in Chinese Kenpo Karate in 1969 and began competing in 1971.

She has competed in over 1000 national & international tournaments in Kumite
and Kata Divisions. She has won hundreds of awards, medals,
and trophies. Rubie received her Student Black Belt on December of 1984, and she is
currently a 5th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate. Along with her rank, she has
earned the title of "GRAND MASTER". Rubie is under the instruction of her father, Professor
Carlos Navarro. She has also studied under Mr. T.L. Unisa of the Japanese - Okinawan style.

Titles held in Women's Black Belt Division:

San Francisco Grand Champion
Ranked 3rd in the West Coast Region
Ranked 2nd in Northern California
California Gold Cup Grand Champion
Bronze Medalist - USA Pacific League - 1990
Ranked 2nd in the Women's California Grand Champion Forms Division

Rubie qualified as an alternate member to the 1992
United States Women's Karate Team, competing in Barcelona, Spain.

Rubie is presently a member of the following:

Hawaiian Kenpo Karate Association
Affiliated Martial Arts Promoters Association (A.M.A.P.A.
Latin American Federation of Karate
International Kajukenbo Association
United States Amateur Boxing Association (USA Boxing)
United Muay Thai Association
Navarro's Kenpo Karate Association
Unified World Martial Artists Federation (U.W.M.A.F.)

Currently, Rubie (along w/Professor Carlos Navarro) operates Navarro's Martial
Arts Academy, 3470 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110(415)550-1694.

Rubie is very active in teaching. She develops and coordinates Martial Arts Tournaments.
Rubie is the former personal bodyguard of Dominique Di Prima from KRON-TV-4.
She also serves as a personal trainer to many local and national television and
recording artists. Rubie has served on a special security task force division
of Phoenix Operations. She volunteers to help train many community groups.
e helped train a well known vigilante group, "The Guardian Angels".


Photo of Abuela "El Ciclon"

Ramoncita Hernandez
"El Ciclon de San Francisco"
January 2, 1914 - April 15, 1999

Ramoncita was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. She lived in New York and came to
reside in San Francisco in 1958. Ramoncita, prior to moving to San Francisco, was
a very well known star in New York as a singer, composer, and recording artist of
"Jibaro" music.

Ramoncita in the 1970's, retired from her singing career and donated her talents at
fundraisers and other events. She was elected as Block-Club vice-president of the
Mission Coalition Organization, one of the largest and most well known organizations
of the Mission District. Through her diligent efforts as Block-Club vice-president
she was able to make Precita Avenue a one-way street. She organized and aided the
people of that area in obtaining better street lighting and helped them plant trees in
effort to beautify the area.

Ramoncita worked at the election polls as an election officer. She served as a Deputy
Registrar of Voters, and successfully registered over 2000 new voters in the Mission

Ramoncita worked 23 years at the Mission Neighborhood Center, a community
based organization.

Ramoncita graced M.E.C.A. (Mission Economic Cultural Assoc.), the producer of
Cinco de Mayo with her presence at every parade as the Senior Queen since 1992.

In 1992, at 79 years old"El Ciclon" made a musical "comeback" and began writing
and entering contests through el Festival de la Cancion Latinoamericana de California.

In 1993, Ramoncita appeared on the silver screen as "Abuela" in the Warner Bros.
blockbuster film "Fearless" starring Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez.

In 1994 through 1996, Ramoncita was a song finalist with her hit "El Baile del Zapato"
and she received a song writing award.

Recently, in 1998 Ramoncita received un "Mencion de Honor" for her song
"Mi Munequita Rubi".

Many times we tend to forget those that have contributed so much in our community.
We will not forget the contribution that "El Ciclon" has given the Bay Area.

"El Ciclon hizo lo que quiso y quiso lo que hizo. Una mujer con mucho fuego y poder."